About the Western Australian Cook Society


What is the Cook Society

The Cook Society was founded in 1969 by Sir Alec Douglas-Home and Sir Robert Menzies, the society helps to foster Anglo-Australian ties from business, cultural, research, educational and foreign relations. It is affiliated with The Britain-Australia Society in the United Kingdom.

The establishment of this society was aimed at building better relations between the two countries through connecting people. This vision and purpose is still at the heart of the organsation as a whole.

West Australian Cook Society

Western Australia Branch of the Cook Society was re-established official in 2013 after being dormant for many years. The first events started in 2013 and 2014 with a meetings and guest speaker events.

The Western Australian branch is focused very much at the ‘person’ which differentiates it from chamber structured organisation / model of operation, which would generally focus on the company. The Cook Society concentrates on bring people together to share thoughts, ideas and discussion on the everything from science, technology, politics, trade, government, education, culture and business.

The WA Cook Society branch does not charge a membership fee or charge for attendance to events. It is generally by invitation only. Staging events comes down to the committee to organise speakers and sponsor hosts who support by providing hospitality and venues. In the past the WA Cook Society has had wonderful support from local companies to host events.

The WA Cook Society currently has an invitation list of 92 official members, and invites many special guests to events. Members represent a wide range of interests; include high-ranking business and professional people, academia and representatives of government (state and federal).

Branches of the Cook Society operate in other parts of Australia, including New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland. Each branch has its own form of operation, so no single model is adopted across Australia or the UK.

Membership to the Western Australian Cook Society is reciprocal in the United Kingdom and other branches around Australia.

The Patron for the Cook Society is this HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.